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Brian Wajda

Born just outside New York City, Brian relocated to Orlando with his family in 1979. A student of music and production his entire life, Brian has played with leading symphonic, jazz, rock, top 40 and marching bands for the last 27 years. Some of his proudest music moments include marching in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, being featured in a National commercial for Time Life Music that has been running for 20 years and having an autographed drum displayed in the Hard Rock Cafe in Acapulco Mexico, where he met his wife of 19 years.

Troy Orr

Rumored to hail from Royal Blood, the Son of Kings, Troy is tall! Possibly the only bass player on earth to play 'Eruption' not only on bass, but with a crooked finger thanks to a bizarre and possibly lewd act. It was once asked if there is anything Troy cannot do, it is said there are those still searcing for the answer.

Lucien Soulon

He can bring a girl to tears simply by holding an A#, even if his guitar is not plugged in.


He broke a string during a solo once, and the audience appologized to him.


He is both left, and right handed.


He is, the most interesting guitar player in the world!

Scott Chapman

When asked if he'd like to play keyboards, guitar or sing, he says...yes. He's so good, when JamCo records, he does not bring his guitar. When he does bring his guitar, he see's no reason to bring his tremolo bar home. His favorite past time is arriving to set up 5 minutes before Brian needs to plug something in where he sets up, lol.

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